The benefits of Rhee Tae Kwon-Do

Cooloola Rhee Tae Kwon-Do

One of the great advantages of Rhee Tae Kwon-Do as a Martial Art is that it is not only a superior Art of self-defence, but will also enhance every aspect of the individual's mental and physical well-being. The practice of Rhee Tae Kwon-Do imparts to each individual practitioner self-control, self-confidence, physical fitness, superior mental self-discipline, high moral standards, improved psychological outlook, and overall strength of character. Such qualities, combined with a healthy, active, powerful body, benefit not only the individual practitioner and their family - but also the nation.


Rhee Taekwon-Do is known as a non-contact style of martial art so anyone can learn and enjoy Rhee Tae Kwon-Do. Male or female, large or small, strong or weak, child, teenager or adult ...all can be taught the dynamic techniques of Rhee Tae Kwon-Do.


Every movement of Rhee Tae Kwon-Do is scientifically designed, with a specific purpose in mind. Many of the movements involve beneficial stretching of the arms, legs and torso. The practitioner of this Art will achieve a high degree of aerobic (heart/lung) fitness. The muscles of the body will be toned and stimulated. He or she will lose weight and eventually achieve a perfect figure - proportionate, strong and graceful. Furthermore, the mental aspects of Rhee Tae Kwon-Do will develop a far more serene and peaceful attitude in general.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO LEARN TO DEFEND MYSELF AND BECOME REASONABLY FIT? This depends on the individual's own effort and ability - and the instructor's leadership. But an average student can expect gratifying results after three months training.

WHO WILL BE MY INSTRUCTOR? Your instructor is a highly qualified R.I.T (A) A.T.F. (Australian Tae Kwon-Do Federation) and Tae Kwon-Do Instructors' Federation of Australia and New Zealand professional, specially selected and officially appointed from the Federation.

ADVANTAGES OF MEMBERSHIP Rhee Tae Kwon-Do is one of the world's largest and most progressive Tae Kwon-Do schools, with a massive network of branches throughout Australia and New Zealand. Your initial joining fee entitles you to life membership of Rhee International Tae Kwon-Do (Australia). Membership is completely transferable to any Rhee Taekwon do centre throughout Australia and New Zealand.